Action Needed: Contact Your Legislators THIS WEEK!

5 01 2011

The Kansas Arts Commission needs our help. With funding in serious danger of being slashed, the new Kansas governor and new and returning members of the legislature need to hear from all of us how important the arts are to our state! The arts provide a huge return on investment, build prosperity, and build our future workforce. More than half of Kansas Arts Commission dollars go to support rural communities and organizations. Cutting the Kansas Arts Commission further will drastically impact the creative industry in Kansas and will clearly decrease the ability of smaller, rural communities to attract and retain businesses, an educated workforce and grow employment.

You can reach the office of governor-elect Sam Brownback by calling 785.296.3700. Contact information for legislators is available through their websites.

Some talking points, provided by the Kansas Arts Commission:

Kansas nonprofit arts and cultural sector is a $153.5 million industry, supporting over 4,000 full-time
equivalent jobs and generating over $15 million in state and local government revenues.*

Cities thrive, grow, attract and retain businesses when the arts are supported. Investment in
the arts increases the capacity of Kansas cities to build tourism and broaden their tax base.

The arts build our future workforce.

Arts education is proven to keep students in school, increase high school graduation rates and prepare
students for college and for the careers of the 21st century economy.

The new economy requires a workforce that will be highly disciplined, innovative, creative
and focused. These are the traits the arts teach.

Kansas is a national leader in personal artistic creation.**
Kansans value the arts, and they understand how the arts contribute to their lives, to their communities and
to their children.

People who are involved in the arts are also more civically engaged – they volunteer and they vote.

State funding leverages local and private funding, but many communities, particularly in rural
areas, are unable to raise enough private dollars to sustain arts programs without state support.

Kansas commits 85% of state general fund dollars annually to education and Medicaid. The arts
significantly increase the return on this investment by addressing issues such as workforce devel-
opment and childhood poverty and health, while broadening the tax base statewide.

* 2007 Economic Impact of Nonprofit Arts and Culture Organizations and Their Audiences in the State of Kansas,
Americans for the Arts

** 2008 Survey of Public Participation in the Arts, National Endowment for the Arts

Visit for more information.




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