Coming Up: Fisch Haus XX/V

6 03 2011

Fisch Haus presents:  The Fifth Fisch Haus Women’s Invitational Exhibition:  XX/V

The fifth in a series of large-scale, multi-media art exhibitions, all featuring the work of five different female artists.

Who:  Stephanie Ellis (interdisciplinary scholar and photographer in San Francisco), Stephanie Lanter (textile and mixed-media assemblage artist working in Topeka), Eileen MacArthur (Canadian painter based in Ontario), LeeAnn Mitchell (sculptor from Georgia, working primarily in metal), and Eva Wernet (photographer and graphic designer from Cologne, Germany).

What:  XXV is the fifth in a now bi-annual invitational exhibition series that will feature five different female artists each year;  every new group of participants being chosen by the previous five.  This “tag” structure should, through its natural progression, offer the Wichita community an expansive range of work, both geographically and stylistically.  There is no set criteria for acceptable medium or genre, as long as the work is unique and exceptional.

Where:  Fisch Haus, 524 S. Commerce, Wichita, KS;  Commerce St. Art District.

When:  Opening reception, Final Friday, April 29, 2011, from 7-10 p.m.;  open also Final Friday, May 27, from 7-10 p.m.; exhibition runs throughout the month of May, and is open by appointment, until May 28.

Fisch Haus Studios is a multi-disciplinary art facility, located in the Commerce St. Art District, currently accommodating five full-time local artists as well as a steady stream of artists and musicians, both regional and international.   The artist cooperative was founded in 1990, and since 1993, has operated out of a three story warehouse that contains studio and gallery space, several small businesses, a full wood and metal shop and a graphic design studio.  The Fisch Haus produces several large-scale shows annually, and hosts numerous community art events, ranging from visiting artist exhibitions and performances, to lectures, classes, benefits, readings, and music festivals throughout the rest of the year; most all of which are offered free of charge and are open to all ages.  In 2004, Fisch Haus Studios formed a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation under Fisch Bowl, Inc., in order to bring Wichita a wider variety of cultural events, while still continuing the Fisch Haus founders? tradition of excellence.  Current members of the collaborative are Patrick Duegaw, Eric Schmidt, Elizabeth Stevenson, Jamie Tabor and Kent Williams.




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