Crafting Continuities

24 01 2012

Feminist artists of the 1970s sought to reclaim the notion of “craft” from its subjugation as a gendered, inferior category in the hierarchy of the arts. We see this especially in the Pattern and Decoration movement and in the embrace of media such as embroidery, quilting, and other fabric and fiber work. In recent years, contemporary artists have once again embraced craft media – as seen, for instance, in public “yarn bombings” and in movements in “craftivism” (craft/activism).

In Kansas and elsewhere, there has been a resurgence of museum and gallery exhibitions devoted to craft. In recent years, Kansas City has seen exhibitions curated by the amazing Maria-Elena Buszek such as Extra/Ordinary and Raised in Craftivity. Currently, the Spencer Museum of Art in Lawrence juxtaposes historical and contemporary craft traditions in Crafting Continuities [on display through June 2012], while the Wichita Art Museum exhibits a selection of American Quilts until early February. Check out these exhibitions before they close!




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