CFP: The Maternal Body Exposed (CAA, Chicago, February 12-15, 2014)

4 05 2013

Call for Participants

Women’s Caucus for Art Panel:
The Maternal Body Exposed: Fecundity, Birth Control, and Countering Infertility in Contemporary Art

College Art Association Annual Conference, Chicago, February 12-15, 2014.


Nude women abound in art—but rarely their swollen forms or leaking breasts. Adolescent bodies and models of virginal motherhood dominate the historical visual discourse, offering narrow visions of maternity. This session examines the ways in which the maternal body operates in contemporary art and visual culture. What does it mean to make visible the postpartum body? What are the artistic implications of today’s options to control pregnancy and infertility that redefine maternity in terms of adoption, surrogacy, egg harvesting, or assisted reproduction? Art history’s idealization of the fertile, feminine body stands in stark contrast to the contemporary “problems” caused by the maternal body—for women in the workplace, or even in public.

This open forms panel seeks participants for short presentations, roundtable discussion, and dialogue with the audience on the art of the contemporary maternal, as well as the challenges, strategies, and possibilities offered by the maternal body.

Proposals due by May 13, 2013: email letter of interest, 1-2 page proposal, CV, and other application information to Rachel Epp Buller, Must be a CAA member to participate. Details and full call for participation:




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