Gender Identity Projects

24 04 2014

Within the last year, two Bethel College art students have undertaken independent projects (i.e., not for any class – a professor’s dream!) that seek to address cultural expectations regarding gender identity and gender presentation. Junior Emily Luedtke conceived of a project that incorporated oral interviews, art history, and gender theory as she sought to present, in visual form, how gender norms and expectations have affected the lives of half a dozen Wichita-based LGBT residents. Luedtke will present her research findings and her resulting paintings in a presentation on the Bethel College campus on Friday, April 25 as part of the Undergraduate Research, Internships, and Creative Activities (URICA) symposium. Details here.

Senior Audra Miller melded her backgrounds in art, photography, and theater to create a series of portrait pairings that explore gender identity. Titled “The Gender Project,” Miller’s photographs alternately highlight the masculine and feminine sides of  each of her 27 models, asking viewers to confront our expectations of gender presentation as well as our desire to categorize. Miller’s project, detailed here, is on display as part of the Annual Student Art Exhibition at the Bethel College Fine Arts Center Gallery through Saturday, April 26.




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