CFP: Speculative Feminist Futures

10 07 2018

College Art Association conference, February 13-16, 2019, New York

Call for panelists: Speculative Feminist Futures

Feminist speculative fiction raises a timely and pertinent question: how can we do things differently? Writers imagine societies that include parthenogenesis, ambisexuality, co-mothering, and other models that overturn heteronormative conventions, imagining that seems especially relevant and even necessary in our current political and social climate. While science fiction is a well-known literary genre, however, artists whose work is informed by similar speculation have received less attention. This panel seeks presentations by artists, historians, and theorists whose art and writing take as foundational the speculative modes employed by feminist science fiction writers. How do artists explore the possible relationship between feminist science fiction, new technologies, and a contemporary feminist consciousness? What strategies have artists and writers used to suggest or create new visions for culture and society? What is the relationship between speculative fiction and the emergence of posthumanism? How do artists re-imagine human and more-than-human relations? We welcome all manner of creative and scholarly proposals. Let us imagine together.


Panel co-chairs: Rachel Epp Buller, and Margaret Hart,


250-word abstract due to session chairs by August 6, 2018

Submission guidelines available at



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